an immersive weekend of yoga, cooking and meditation in a beautiful house with no more than 8 other people.


The Retreats

Seed Stars retreats take place in a beautiful family home, full of art and colour.


The house has a very welcoming feel, the kitchen is bright and the beds super comfy.

"Thank you Rose for giving of your heart, your dreams and your wisdom with such freedom and, I hope, teaching me to do the same."

Flo,  Mother and events organiser.


The Space


The house sleeps 8.


The Garden Room has one double and one single bed.


The Teal bedroom has a kingsize bed.


Alice’s room has a single. It is small but it is sunny, bright and calm.


The Middle Room has a kingsize and a single bed .


The Garden Cabin has a small double and a wood burner.


There are three shared bathrooms all with toilets.


The kitchen, which is light and spacious, opens up to a pretty garden.

Our beautiful new infrared sauna is available to use at all times and we also have a ‘Chi’ machine.

Hove Park is just a five minute walk away and to walk to the sea takes about fifteen minutes.

Garden Room
Upstairs Bathroom

'I cannot tell you how wonderful I feel today. Love, kindness, gentleness, softness...I don't think I have ever felt so cared for as I did with you this weekend. "


Lucy, mother and writer.


The Food


Food is an essential part of all our retreats, whatever their flavour, and our chefs are an integral part of the team. The simple practice of eating healthy food that is delicious and makes you feel great is common sense.


The ancient Greeks knew this, most indigenous cultures know this, so why have we allowed ourselves to forget this basic birth right?


At Seed Stars we chose foods that are in season and sourced as locally as possible. Ingredients that are close to nature help us to feel connected to nature, and so realise we are one and the same. Food is mostly vegan, and is wheat, sugar and gluten free.

The diversity and creativity of our chefs is something guests always comment upon and inspires most people who spend time with us to experiment with new foods and flavours at home.

'Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy foodHypocratis


Angus Denoon

The Team


A supportive web


Seed Stars Retreats were born of the desire to offer, in a short weekend, a truly nurturing, transformative experience, which allows you to slow down and re-connect.


Between us the team of therapists and teachers that make up Seed Stars has such an enormous wealth of experience.


Everyone has at least ten years experience and the desire to work with you to create more healing, health and love.


By being supported ourselves we can support you.


Mahdu and Sattva Living

Mahdu and Sattva Living
Wendy Spencer
Janee Swan - Thai Yoga Massage

Janee Swan - Thai Yoga Massage


Trained 15 years ago, her practice has deepened with maturity. Clothed and comfortable, clients are guided to release tension through using using breath, visualisation and 'reading' the bodies needs. Her yoga practice and pranayama to work has influenced her ability to work sensitively and with dedication.


My passion for cooking has been a constant thread in my life and has awarded me some wonderful creative opportunities. For many years I lived as a monk and was fortunate enough to become the personal chef to my bhakti yoga teacher and guru. In that time I travelled with him around the world, catering for all of his requirements and also those of his small entourage. Since then I have developed my own unique approach to sattvika cooking, creating food that is not only healthy, but also delicious in taste and nourishing for the body, mind and soul. Food cooked with love nurtures well- being, contentment, creativity, wisdom and spirituality. I now enjoy sharing my food at yoga festivals, retreats and all types of gatherings though my company Sattva Living"

Wendy Spencer

Wendy offers an integrated approach to wellbeing including modalities of Aromatherapy massage, therapeutic natural perfumery and restorative Hatha yoga classes.


“I have had many treatments over the years – and nowadays I am very conscious of who I let touch my body as I think that the energy exchange is so key to the treatment. That is why I came to Wendy because she has a clear and beautiful essence and nurturing and healing energy.”

Julia, Athlete and writer

John Thorn


My name is John and my passion is working with folk to find a point of balance in their lives. I do this through verbal interaction and guidance. Physical therapy, working with the spine and surrounding soft tissue releasing imbalance in the body and energy field. I also use sound through Crystal bowls to clear blocks in the heart centre.


I run group sessions using guided meditations and Crystal bowl healing. The group dynamic heightens and increases the healing experience. I've been working in this way for more than thirty years.  

Rose Richardson, Macrobiotic Chef and Health Advisor

Rose Richardson, Macrobiotic Chef and Health Advisor

I trained in Macrobiotics, which means Big Life, because I loved the philosophy.   It is all about energy and how to  come back into balance, balance between yin and yang, between the forces of heaven and earth, balance externally and internally.  Food is eaten in season and in accordance with each individual's needs..  Like the best things it is very simple and can be totally life changing.


Layla May

Angus Denoon

"I am an intuitive guide and energy facilitator. Supporting you to listen to and tap into more of your potential. It is my joy to create a beautifully nurturing, sacred loving space for you to drop into knowing that all you bring with you will be held in absolute love."

Eloise Minton

Angus Denoon

Eloise Minton is a nutritionist and holistic chef based in Brighton/Hove. She believes food is best when it is super tasty, healthy and shared with good company. Her food can be characterised by it's absence of additives and processed ingredients; preferring to augment nature's bounty with herbs, spices and colourful creative combinations. Plant-based, nutrient-rich and always yummy, she has catered for holistic retreats for several years, holds healthy-eating workshops and offers 1-2-1 nutrition consultations.

Claudia - Reflexology

Claudia - Reflexology

I love people and my purpose in life is to help them heal and be happy.   With my Portuguese roots, a passion for dancing and a love for books, I have always had a natural connection to my body and an interest in alternative healing.  


When I had my first Reflexology session I was amazed with the response of my body; how could something so simple be so effective?... After practicing Reflexology for years I still feel amazed with the results in my clients.   I am a believer in the Holistic Approach, treating the whole, not just the part, and through my Reflexology Practice I aim to empower people to take charge of their health and lifestyle. I am here to assist you in your journey to Balance.  


Looking forward to meeting you."

Angus Denoon

Angus Denoon

Angus has been cooking a longtime in many places in many styles and since 10 years has developed a fascination with the foods prepared and sold on the kolkata streets and how we can learn from their ways of bringing simple foods to life to open body and mind.

he runs the everybody lovelove jhal muri express

Helen Archibald

Angus Denoon

Baking bread has been part of my daily life - friends and family have delighted in the taste of my sourdough, gluten free, and seeded loaves. A couple of years ago I started running bread making classes to teach and share the experience. I use herbs from the garden in bread as well as making delicious pestos and salsa verde. 



The Therapy Room

We have a wonderful wooden Therapy Room with wood burning stove and lovely views of the lush garden.

The therapy Room is available to hire by other Practitioners.

Please contact Rose for more information.

Want to hold your own retreat or workshop?

The entire space is available to hire by other teachers wishing to hold retreats.


We have a team of skilled cooks and therapists who can work along side you and support you.


Please contact us for more information.